August 4 Bob Pantano Dance Party


August 5 Philly Heart & Soul

August 6 Lima Bean Riot

August 7 Steal the Sky

August 8 Dave Boucher Accoustic

August 10 DJ Joe Castro

August 11 Bob Pantano Dance Party

August 12 FM Band

The FM Band

August 13 Triple Rail Turn

Triple Rail Turn

August 14 Coast to Coast

August 15 Love Alive, from 4-8pm

Love Alive

August 17 DJ Joe Castro

August 18 Bob Pantano Dance party

August 19 The Business

August 20 Jumper

August 21 The Loop

August 22 Dave Boucher Acoustic

August 24 DJ Joe Castro

August 25 Bob Pantano Dance Party

August 26 The Blue Notes

The Bluenotes

August 27 To Be Announced

August 28 Don’t Call Me Francis

August 29 Dave Boucher Acoustic

September 1 Bob Pantano Dance Party

September 3 Triple Rail Turn

September 4 Cheers the Band

Cheers the Band

September 5 Dave Boucher Accoustic

September 7 DJ Joe Castro

September 8 Bob Pantano Dance Party

September 10 Lima Bean Riot

September 11 Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast

September 12 Love Alive 4pm-8pm

September 14 DJ Joe Castro

September 15 Bob Pantano Dance Party

September 17 Don’t Call Me Francis

September 18 Steal The Sky

September 21 DJ Joe Castro

September 22 Bob Pantano Dance Party

September 24 Jumper

September 25 FM Band

September 26 TK & The Howlers

September 28 DJ Joe Castro

September 29 Bob Pantano Dance Party